Sunday, March 30, 2008

Limoncello? Che cos'e' ?

At tidbit, you can also find a great selection of *cello liquors.
Limoncello is made by placing lemon peels in a hermetically sealed jar with pure alcohol. It should be left in the jar for at least two weeks. The longer it sits the more the oils from the lemon skins mix with the alcohol. After everything is strained, it is mixed with a sugar water mixture. Then left to sit for another two weeks. At this point....the limoncello is ready to drink! Keep it in the fridge and serve it well chilled as a digestive. If you decide to make it yourself, be aware: if your lemons are not from Sorrento, Carpri or Amalfi coasts, your limoncello will not be as good as the one you can have there.

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Ben said...

I've tried a number of 'cellos and one of my favorites is actually lime. Orange always ends up tasting like orange zest for some reason but lime has a very unique flavor to it. I have a blog on this if you're interested at