Saturday, March 29, 2008

tidbit bistro joins the Green Restaurant Association

On March 25, 2008, tidbit bistro became a Certified Green Restaurant upon meeting the following standards:
1) Using a comprehensive recycling system for all products that are accepted locally
2) Free of polystyrene foam (“Styrofoam”) products
3) Completed at least four Environmental Steps after joining the GRA
4) Committed to completing four Environmental Steps per year of membership

For this certification we have completed the following steps:
Recycling: Food and waste
Water Efficient Property: Low flow faucet aerators / spray valves
Recycled & Chlorine-Free Paper: Kraft paper rolls
Recycled & Chlorine-Free Paper: Multifold towels
Recycled & Chlorine- Free Paper: Office paper

tidbit is the first restaurant in Seattle to join the Green Restaurant Association. If you want to know more about this association, please visit:

Sustainability was part of our menu even before becoming green certified. Our interest in sustainability is in our nature with John growing up in hippy-green Eugene, OR and Nic having a background in urban and environmental planning. Joining the Green Restaurant Association will motivate us even more in completing additional steps every year. Here is also a complete list of all the steps that we have taken since we opened our bistro:
o we are free of polystyrene foam
o we use 100% biodegradable to-go-boxes
o we use a certified green company for our linens
o we prefer locally grown and sustainable food
o we use biodegradable detergents and sanitizers
o we use recycled paper for our menus
o we use 80% post-consumer recycled butcher paper
o we compost our food waste
o we recycle our garbage
o we use water saving aerators for our facets

We will keep you updated once we complete more steps!


tidbit bistro said...
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Anonymous said...

John and Nic, Congratulations on being the 1st restaurant in Seattle to receive Green certification! This is a huge factor for me when I think about where to go, and how to eat and to spend my money responsibly. I am so proud of you! Thank you for doing this important thing!! Also want to say LOVE the name. It's perfect, just like your restaurant: Small, cute, yummy.