Saturday, May 31, 2008

June Grappa and *Cello Flight

In June, we will be featuring three "new" and exciting "aged" grappas for our flight. There are four categories of grappa: new, aged, aromatic and flavored.

We have selected one "new" grappa, Zenato Grappa di Amarone, which has been refined for six months before bottling. It is made from the pomace of Amarone wine. The other two are "aged" grappas, meaning that they have been placed in oak for a year, sometimes even longer which gives them a brownish hue. As always, the flavor of these three contrast greatly.

As usual we will feature our popular *cello liquor flight. A description is provided below.

grappa flight $15.
Zenato Amarone
From the pomace of Corvina, Rondinella, and Sangiovese. Clear color with a vanilla nose and elegant floral bouquet.
Nardini Riserva
From the pomace of D.O.C. grapes from Veneto and Friuli. Straw-yellow in color with a delicate but complex scent due to the aging in Slavonian oak.
Altesino Riserva
From the pomace of Sangiovese destined for Brunello. Brilliant amber color with fruity aroma and a clear and decisive note of oak.
*cello flight $15.
A walnut and hazelnut liqueur with a rounded and balanced flavor with vanilla tones...also called Nocino.
A lemon liqueur from southern Italy, bright yellow in color, sweet and lemony, but not sour.
A sweet, orange-infused liqueur made with Sicilian oranges soaked in pure grain alcohol.
Crema di Limoncello
A creamy sweet liqueur with the original, unmistakable taste of Limoncello.

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