Friday, May 2, 2008

... your opinion counts ...

On every table at tidbit, you can find - next to the tidbit's cards, the crayons, the salt and pepper dispensers - also a customer satisfaction survey. We really appreciate when our guests fill the surveys with some constructive feedback because we try to improve and learn from our mistakes.

Yesterday, one of our guests filled up the survey giving us - together with some very nice grades, grazie! -also some feedbacks. Specifically, this guest suggested us to reduce our menu, too large (maybe also ambitious?) for a small restaurant like tidbit.

We take very seriously our guests' opinion: we are giving this comment some thoughts that we want to share with our readers. Tidbit is a neighborhood restaurant in the area of North Capitol Hill. The majority of our guests live in the neighborhood and many of them come visit us twice or even three times a week. We think that giving some choice is one of the reasons why our new friends come back. Giving extra choice, changing specials, using seasonal ingredients are important so that our regulars do not get bored and can always find new items to try. But we may be wrong.

If you live in the neighborhood or are a regular at tidbit, would you share your opinion with us? Feel free to send us an e-mail, publish a post, or let us know your opinion during your next visit.


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Anonymous said...

After being told about this restaurant by a friend in the "food" business, we quickly became devotees of the excellent food and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We have a limited list of restaurants in Seattle and this is now one of them. We always look forward to the food and dining experience that we know are always going to be impressive. Thanks Nic and John, for bringing your touch and taste to Seattle
Barry Shaw