Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's cherry time!

It's cherry time and tidbit bistro is not going to miss it! Yes, it is finally Summer and this is the best time for cherries in the Pacific Northwest. During this time of the year, cherries will be always fresh in our region because they are packed and ready on the shelf of your retailer within two days from the harvest. For the entire month of July, tidbit will be offering new items on the menu prepared using local cherries. We will be offering an Italian recipe made with gnocchi and ciliegie, an item that is innovative and part of modern Italian cuisine. It is made with potato pasta dressed with fresh cherry sauce and crumbled goat cheese. We added a special twist to it by adding something we always love: grappa!

Don't miss our Gnocchi con le Ciliegie alla Grappa!

For more information about cherries in the Northwest region check the webpage:

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