Wednesday, June 18, 2008

..the most beautiful garden in Seattle...

Have you seen the most beautiful garden in Seattle?

We believe that most beautiful garden in Seattle is located just around the corner from tidbit bistro. The Streissguth garden on Capitol Hill is a hidden gem in our urban jungle. This garden is located just a few of blocks from tidbit bistro at 1600 Broadway East.

The Streissguth family generously donated the garden to the City of Seattle in 1996. Dan, Ann (in the photo) and Ben Streissguth keep taking immense care of this garden and if you stop by for a visit you will likely find them working there. They always welcome guests to visit their jewel and they appreciate the collaboration of volunteers.

We feel very lucky to have met the Streissguths. In a time when investors try to over-develop properties with lucrative purposes, the Streissguths donated their property to the city. And if that was not enough, they keep working on the garden with love and dedication. This is what Seattle is all about!

The garden has an incrediblequantity of plants and flowers. They focus on native species to the Pacific Northwest, plus they have a good amount of rare plants and flowers from around the world. It is beautiful every time of the year and is planned in an organic and sustainable way.

If you come to tidbit bistro, try to make a stop at the Streissguth gardens, relax, and admire the most beautiful garden in Seattle.

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