Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tidbit helps Team Seattle and Children's Hospital

tidbit was fortunate enough to donate some tasty banderillas for a great cause, Children's Hospital.
On Sunday, the 26th of October, John, Nic and Gail were at the Ferrari Dealership of Seattle handing out banderillas with a handful of other restaurants and wine groups. The event was a fundraiser for "the Team Seattle Endowment for Excellence in Cardiac Intensive Care at Children's Hospital."
We had a great time passing out our food and interacting with the public. It was very exciting to be with such a great group of people!

We can't wait until next year to do it again!

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GiQ40 said...

hi guys!
great to hear about your support to children's hospital.
and also great to hear about tidbit on tv!
it's a pity but we don't have king 5 here in Italy (!). we'll be thinking about you.
i can read from the blog you're very busy now...well...that's good!
cold has arrived here, so we're read to eat some CASTAGNE.
bye bye from Italy.
PS: send here some tapas, please!!!