Sunday, November 2, 2008

new grappa flight in November

Yes, November brings a new grappa flight to tidbit!

Tidbit is the place in Seattle where you can find the largest collection of grappas. We are proud of being the first restaurant to offer grappa and cello flight, something that other Seattle restaurants are now imitating!

This November, tidbit is offering an exciting grappa flight! Our November selection includes aromatic grappas from Nardini producer. Nardini is one of the oldest distillers of acquavite from the region of Veneto in Northern Italy. Aquavite (grappa) Nardini has been produced and bottled in Bassano del Grappa, in the northeastern part of Italy, since 1779. The founder of Italy’s most traditional distillery was Bortolo Nardini who purchased in April of that year, an Inn at the eastern entrance of the famous wooden covered Bassano bridge, on the Brenta river bank. The Inn soon became the “Grapperia Nardini”, strategically located for both the ample water supply, a necessary element in the distillation process, as well as its accessibility to the local regional markets, Venice in primis.

The flight for the month of November includes Acquavite di Vinaccia Bianca, Acqua di Cedro, and the grappa style liqueur Tagliatella.

November Grappa Flight $15.

Acquavite di Vinaccia Bianca - This grappa is made from the pomace of D.O.C. grapes from Veneto and Friuli. This grappa has a clear color with a traditional and intense nose.

Acqua di Cedro - This grappa has a nice aroma of cedro fruit. The citrus fragrance creates a strong appeal with a sweet and dry taste.

Tagliatella - This grappa style liqueur is made from grappa, cherry juice, sherry and natural aromas. This liqueur has a pleasant bouquet of fruity, flowery, herbal and spicy scents.

And as always the cello flight is still available!

cello flight $15.

Nocello - A walnut and hazelnut liqueur with a rounded and balanced flavor with vanilla tones...also called Nocino.

Limoncello - A lemon liqueur from southern Italy, bright yellow in color, sweet and lemony, but not sour.

Orangecello - A sweet, orange-infused liqueur made with Sicilian oranges soaked in pure grain alcohol.

Crema di Limoncello - A creamy sweet liqueur with the original, unmistakable taste of Limoncello.

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