Wednesday, March 25, 2009

black box time!

Tuesday March 24th, 2009

To liven things up in the kitchen at tidbit bistro, we had our second BLACK BOX TIME.

Contestants: Kurt and Doug from the heart of the house of tidbit bistro
Jury: John, Brian, and Nic from the front of the house of tidbit bistro

Who got chopped? Nobody really....we do it just for fun. Isn't that what a food contest supposed to be?

John had WAY too much fun choosing the six ingredients:
1 - Sour soup instant ramen
2 - Bitter melon
3 - Chili and salt
4 - Jumbo quails
5 - Green sticky rice
6 - Monteray jack

tidbit got really busy on Tuesday night...and therefore the contest happened only late in the evening.
Our kitchen showed and incredible talent, putting together two beautiful, good, and satisfying dishes. Here is a picture of the food:

Kurt's plate is upfront with his Sticky Green Rice Arancino, Ramen and Parma Prosciutto Involtino, and a Quaglia in Padella.
Doug's is in the back of the picture with his Quail soup with Sticky Pallottola Verde

....and the winner of our second BLACK BOX CONTEST was....

Kurt who scored 86 while Doug had a very similar number, 68.

Given the ingredients, both dishes were really GOOD! I could have eaten many more of those Ramen and Parma Prosciutto Involtinos!!!
The most important thing for us was to have fun. It certainly was a lot of FUN for the staff of tidbit bistro!


Uncle Vinny said...

I think you should live-blog the next one. :-)

Anonymous said...

This sounds fun! More pictures next time!