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great article on tidbit's gluten free option on the

tidbit bistro was featured on the !

Amanda Sadie wrote a great piece on tidbit bistro's gluten free options. Many thanks to Amanda Sadie for visitng us at tidbit bistro and for writing such a nice article!
Please check the webpage and click here to read Amanda Sadie's article (reported below for our records).

Award winning Capitol Hill bistro exceeds expectations
July 9 - Sadie Amanda - Seattle Gluten-Free Food Examiner

The name tidbit bistro belies the number of menu items you will be tempted by while dining at this amazing little establishment on Capitol Hill. The relaxed dining lounge is well polished and on warm days patrons can enjoy seating on a rustic deck underneath umbrellas. Tables are decorated with trivia cards that share humor and history from the Spanish and Italian languages and traditional cuisine. The wine list is a notch above most other casual restaurants but the food leaves the competition a mile behind.
Menu items that are already gluten free as well as those than can be modified as such are denoted by an orange circle on the menu. A separate vegan and vegetarian menu also offers additional gluten free choices. Simply ask the wait staff what ingredients are in any dish and they will produce a long list of fresh ingredients. If your meal needs to be further modified to avoid nuts, seeds or other allergens, the kitchen will oblige whenever possible.
tidbit bistro won the people's pick for best new neighborhood restaurant in 2008 by, as well as being awarded top honors for Best Tapas of Western Washington by Evening Magazine. The restaurant owners maintain a blog to update customers, fans and family on the latest happenings. Check out to get in on the latest details.
Since March of 2008, tidbit bistro has been a Certified Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association. On the back of their dining menu, there is a list of all the measures they have taken to support sustainability. Not only do they prefer local and sustainable foods, they are polystyrene free, provide 100% biodegradable to-go boxes and follow a host of other regimens to conserve and care for the environment. While they are happy to continue filling your water and bring you a basket of bread for the table, they ask that you make these requests so that they do not end up with waste.
Always Remember : The only way to guarantee a gluten free meal is to cook at home with fresh ingredients on a gluten free surface. All restaurants that offer gluten free meals will do their best to prepare your meal without gluten, although they cannot guarantee that your meal will not be exposed to incidental cross contamination. For those who have absolutely zero tolerance for gluten, please be aware of this possibility when dining out.

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