Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tidbit bistro in Restaurants & Institutions

Tidbit bistro was mentioned in the green cleaning article in the August issue of Restaurants & Institutions about green cleaning products. The article is written by Kate Leahy and followed an interview that we had a couple of months ago. The part of the article regarding tidbit bistro is below while you can find the full article here:

Kitchen Cleaning: So Fresh, So Green
Eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques are cheaper, more effective and more widely available than ever.
By Kate Leahy, Senior Associate Editor -- Restaurants and Institutions, 8/1/2009

Sourcing Solutions
Still, finding effective (and truly green) products isn't easy. When tidbit bistro opened in Seattle in 2007, co-owner John van Deinse started to use a green sanitizer. But he wasn't sure how green the product really was. He also wasn't entirely satisfied with the green floor cleaner he was using. “There's a lot of ambiguity,” says van Deinse. He partnered with Boston-based Green Restaurant Association for guidance and found an effective, biodegradable floor cleaner made with enzymes that break down dirt and grease. “For me, just looking at the brighter color of the floor makes it worth it,” he says.


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