Monday, January 31, 2011

San Valentino 2011

Tidbit Bistro will be offering a special “San Valentino” menu on February 12, 13 and 14 with a tasty and flavorful five-course meal. We have planned a special menu that will be in addition to our regular menu with a special wine pairing.

For this special occasion, we have also created a new cocktail:

Cuore Matto with Chartreuse, Vodka, Cream, and Gianduia.

Call us to make your reservation at 206-3230840

San Valentino $60

Ground lamb baby turnovers topped with romesco sauce and shaved parmesan 8.
Paired with Prosecco, Castello Carbonicine, Italy

Insalata Belga
Grilled Belgian endives with warm herbed goat cheese truffles and balsamic vinegar 9.
Paired with Pinot Gris, A to Z, 2009, Oregon

Lobster Ravioli Alla Panna
House made heart-shaped lobster ravioli with creamy sauce 18.
Paired with Pinot Gris, A to Z, 2009, Oregon

Prime Rib With Budino
Tender rare prime rib with Yorkshire mini-pudding and porcini mushroom reduction 28.
Paired with Cabertnet Sauvignon, Bergevin Lane, Washington

Profiterole Affogato
Our house made pastry puffs, drowned with Strega- zabaglione and chocolate cream 7.
Paired with Cuore Matto, a tidbit signature cocktail

wine pairing $35

Prosecco, Castello Carbonicine, Italy 10.
Pinot Gris, A to Z, 2009,Oregon 9.
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007, Bergevin Lane, Wash. 14.

Cuore Matto with Chartreuse, Vodka, Cream, Gianduia 9.

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