Sunday, April 6, 2008

…when the dishwasher does not show up…

Restaurant work is hard work. There is not much to argue about that. Owning and managing a restaurant is a lot of work. Since John and I have opened tidbit bistro we have covered all the possible positions: we have worked as dishwashers, pantry cooks, accountants, janitors, servers, hosts, planners, bartenders, psychologists, plumbers, electricians, baby-sitters, officers, painters and much more. We need to be ‘problem solvers’, ready to solve, with calm and patience, any type of issues.

The majority of diners do not really know what goes on and how hard of a job it is. Why? The reason is because they have never worked in a restaurant. When the pantry cook does not show up, who covers the shift? Ultimately it is the owner. When the dishwasher does not show up? It is again the owner. Enjoy this picture taken last December after the kitchen was closed. It was 11:30 PM on a Friday night and John and I had to do dishes until 3:30 AM while brunch had to start the next morning at 9:00 AM.

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Liz said...

OK, I will never, ever, complain about doing the dishes again!! What a mountain of dirties....I hope you use Palmolive so your hands were at least soft afterwards! "Really, Marge, I'm soaking in it?!"