Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tidbit featured restaurant in the Seattle Picks

Tidbit was the featured restaurant in the Seattle Picks of June 27th in a nice article by Ashley Griffin.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Where Napoli Meets Madrid
Every time we mention to friends or family that we’re headed out to a tapas bar we have to clarify that we’re not going out to watch naked women dancing ridiculously across a stage. That’s right, we say, we’re going to eat at a tapas joint, not a topless bar. We swear we enunciate perfectly, but this always happens just the same.
We are, however, willing to endure the explanation for the thousandth time if it means we get to eat at Tidbit. This cozy, North Capital Hill bistro has been open less than a year, but has already garnered a buzz for fantastic dishes that marry the flavors of Spain and Italy in a selection of tapas, entrees and salads.
We drooled over prawns sautéed in an Andaluz sherry sauce paired with perfectly grilled artisan bread, and a gooey Aracino (fried risotto cake) stuffed with tomato, saffron and mozzarella. Finally, we allowed our hosts to “convince” us to order desserts—two fruity sorbets paired with their newest offerings: a flight of grappa and a flight of cellos. How’s that for a wild evening at the tapas bar?

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