Friday, July 18, 2008

tinto de verano, mmmmmm

One of my favorite summer drinks from Spain is the "Tinto de Verano." I would go to these little stands in Sevilla, where they would sell sodas and beer and sometimes packaged snacks and I would order "un tinto de verano." I would be relaxing in a plaza, trying to take shade and I would sip on this delightfull beverage. These tintos were big and refreshing. Who would think that something so basic would hit the spot during a warm summer afternoon or evening? Also, the true wine connoisseur would never dream of making this drink. The drink is basically a glass full of ice, red wine (tinto) and Casera (which is a soda like sprite, but a little less sweet). I guess you could call it a "red wine spritzer", if you wanted to. It would hit the spot during those times when you just wanted to take a break and feel cool on the inside. I miss those days, but I am very hopeful that we will have a nice summer here at tidbit sometime soon, and you can try to enjoy this drink like I did.

Please, come in and try one of these truly Spanish drinks on our deck when the sun is beating down and your not in the mood for a cold beer!!!

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Nicola said...

In Italy, they mix red wine and 'gassosa' a soda also similar to Sprite.