Thursday, October 23, 2008

tidbit on the Seattle magazine

tidbit was featured on the Seattle magazine issue of November 2008.

Ginny Morey wrote a really cute bit around our lemon affogato in the lemon dessert section. Here it is:

Most Intense Blast of Lemon
Devout lemonheads: Get thee to Tidbit pronto for tart lemon gelato molded around a creamy limoncello center, encased in vibrant lemon meringue sprinkles, drowned in a shot of limoncello liqueur. (Also available sans booze... but why?)

We were very excited to be mentioned for one of our tartufo gelato because this has been one of the most popular gelato in Italy for years. We are proud of offering a dessert that you can find also in many Italian restaurants. When I was in Italy there were two main producers of tartufo: the Antica Gelateria del Corso and Bindi. I was very excited that the tartufo Bindi was availble also here in Seattle and there was no question that I wanted it on the menu. Without any doubt, this is the most authentic gelato that you can find outside of Italy.

tidbit offers the tartufo for $6 and with the booze for $9.
The tartufo is also available in two other flavors: Chocolate and Cappuccino. You can find them all at tidbit.

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