Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a shame, Italy!

I was upset when I read the news below about one of the songs competing at the Sanremo Festival this year:

"One of the most famous artists, 36-year-old Milan singer-songwriter Povia, has caused uproar among gay groups with his entry, Luca Was Gay, a song apparently about 'converting' gays to heterosexuality. Povia has previously come under fire over a magazine interview in which he declared that ''people aren't gay, they become gay on the basis of who they spend time with''. ''This song represents a wound for all gay people who are fighting against homophobia and ignorance in Italy,'' Arcigay President Aurelio Mancuso reiterated Monday . ''You don't change sexual orientation like a pair of shoes, it's rooted in our nature,'' he said, adding that five major gay right's groups will stage a protest in the city on Saturday. This year's artistic director and presenter Paolo Bonolis defended the song, saying that it did not ''take sides'' but simply ''told a story''. Povia meanwhile denied being homophobic and said he didn't ''give a damn'' about the gay rights groups' protest."

Will things in Italy ever change? It is a shame that this song was allowed to participate to the festival. This is one of those times that I am not proud of being Italian.