Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pasquetta picnic?

Dopo Pasqua? C'e' la Pasquetta!

It is Italian tradition that those living in cities or towns go out into the country on the day after Easter, day called Lunedi' dell'Angelo or Pasquetta to enjoy the first warmth of spring and have a picnic.

Here is some pictures from our 2007 Pasquetta. If you are wondering where this place is, well this not Tuscany and it is not Umbria. This is the agriturismo "Colli Augusti" of my friend Alessandra close to the village of Santa Croce del Sannio, not far from Naples. You can reserve the entire place and Alessandra is a great host!

A nice picnic, a barbecue, a great Pasquetta in a comfortable agriturismo!


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