Thursday, December 30, 2010

New dishes in January 2011!

Starting in January, many new dishes will be available at tidbit!

Cordero a la Plancha Grilled Lamb
Marinated leg of lamb grilled served with herbed potato cake, whole grain mustard allioli and olive tapenade 24.

Paella Baked Saffron Rice
30 minutes, 2 person minimum, prices are per person

Made with Calasparra rice and
Spanish saffron in the traditional paellera
MIXTA shellfish, chorizo, red pepper, chicken, peas 25.
VEGETARIANA eggplants, peas, mixed vegetables 22.

Banderillas con Fiocco Pasta Skewers
Four bite sized skewers with marinated olive, pepper and fiocco pasta filled with porcini mushrooms 10.

Maltagliati alla Bolognese Pasta with Meat
Fresh had-cut pasta with tomato, ground beef and lamb 16.

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