Friday, December 31, 2010

Special Benefit for Ryanne Fender

Introducing Ryanne Fender...

... special fundraiser for Ryanne at tidbit!

We would like to take a moment and invite you and all of your friends to dine at tidbit anytime between January 9th and January 13th for a special benefit for one of our dearest friends.

Ryanne is 15 years old and was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in early December. We know Ryanne well because her step-mom, Danii, works with us at tidbit. During the last few weeks, Ryanne has been going through aggressive chemotherapy and, while the results are still uncertain, we are confident that everything will go well.

Ryanne's wish for the new year was to have a new Macbook to keep in touch with her friends at her high school. Unfortunately, she was not able to get her wish fulfilled yet. Her dad, Pete, was "downsized" last year; he has been trying to keep everything together but finding a new job is hard even if you have time to look for a job full time. Her step-mom, Danii, is one of our best friends and a great supporter of tidbit since day one. Danii works two jobs to keep the family afloat. To complicate things, Ryanne's mother just gave birth to a younger brother as Ryanne was in the hospital undergoing chemo; so her mom has very limited time to spend with Ryanne.

Tidbit would like to do something special for Ryanne. We have donated so much in the past 3 1/2 years to organizations that stand for good causes, so we came up with a special promotion, something just for Ryanne.

During the second week in January, from January 9th through January 13th , tidbit will collect 10% of its proceeds and any additional donation to help Ryanne buy a Macbook. We all hope to make her wish come true. But we really need everyone's help to make this promotion successful.

So, we would love to see you support this brave teenager. Let’s get the year started off on the right foot! Your support and your donation will effect many lives.

Thank you very much.

Happy 2011!

-John, Nic and the entire staff of tidbit

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