Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year, New Happy Hour at $1

New Year, New Happy Hour!

Yes, it’s time to shake up our Happy Hour.

Starting in January 2011, Tidbit Bistro is going to offer something

great, fun, and crazy!

In 2010, we introduced the rotating dishes and drinks for our Happy Hour. Depending on the day, you can get different dishes and different drinks, but....

in 2011, things get even better! We are starting the year off with a bang!

First, the hours of the operations will be longer. Our Happy Hour will start at 4 pm and last until 6 pm will restart again from 9 pm until we close. As usual it will be available from Sunday through Friday.

Second, there will be more tables. Happy Hour will be now served at the bar for parties of 3 people or less but if you come with a party larger than 3 people, you can choose to have a table in the dining room. Also, if the bar gets full, you can get a table in the dining room.

Finally, the prices! Those will really make anybody happy!

All of our well drinks with gin, vodka, or rum will be available for just $1 and our white house wine and red house wine will be available for just $1.

Yes, that is ONE dollar!

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