Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 2010 - New Grappa Flight!

We are going to say goodbye to 2010 with a new and fun grappa flight available in December!
From our selection of over 40 different grappas we have chosen three great grappas for you to try! The grappa flight is something unique and we are proud of being the first restaurant to offer grappa flights in Seattle.

December 2010 Grappa Flight $15.

A round red-berry bouquet. A blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon pomace with fragrances of fruit and blossoms.

Made from the pomace of Corvina, Rondinella, and Sangiovese. Clear color with an intense aroma and elegant bouquet.

Clear Creek
Very clean grappa with Pinot Noir Character and a very clean finish.

Made from pomace of a blanc-de-noirs champagne pressing.

And as always the cello flight is also available!

'cello flight $15.

Nocello - A walnut and hazelnut liqueur with a rounded and balanced flavor with vanilla tones.

Limoncello - A lemon liqueur from southern Italy, bright yellow in color, sweet and lemony, but not sour.

Raspicello - A sweet, raspberry-infused liqueur made with berries from the Abruzzi region soaked in pure grain alcohol.

Crema di Limoncello - A creamy sweet liqueur with the original, unmistakable taste of Limoncello.

'buca flight $15.

This flight features Sambuca, an Italian anise-flavoured liqueur. With this flight you can taste the original clear Sambuca 'con la mosca', a black Sambuca, and Crema di Sambuca.

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